Why VUZF University

Dear prospective students,

I commend you for your choice to apply at The VUZF University!

Our ambition is not only to fit in the best European tradition of teaching and research, but also to create such ourselves by preparing the economists for the reality of the XXI century and introducing innovation in economic thinking.
We sincerely believe that the economy and the economical science are able to offer the right tools for positive global change in the society.

We are proud to provide prestigious education and to prepare students for a successful career in the often harsh and challenging contemporary business environment.

Prof Grigorii Vazov,
Rector of The VUZF University



The VUZF Advantages:

  • Direct links to industry leaders in the world of business and finance;
  • Education of the new age integrating theory and practice;
  • Excellent graduate employment rate with over 90% of students working in the field of their qualification;
  • Interactive education in small groups;
  • Face-to-face and distance learning opportunities.