Why VUZF University

Lecturers have an important contribution for the high quality studies. The faculty members are among the most outstanding scientists, with extensive training and practical experience, being current or former heads of state institutions.

Academic programmes

The Bachelor’s degree in VUZF University affords students the opportunity. Master degree education at VUZF University followes two general aspects.

Application procedure

Applicants of Bulgarian citizenship submit the following documents. Master’s degree applicants of Bulgarian citizenship submit the following documents

The VUZF University

VUZF University offers high level training, commensurate with the leading universities in Europe. Evidence and one of the main priorities in the development policy of VUZF is the implementation of cooperation with foreign universities within different bachelor, master and post-graduate programs, as well as the grant of innovative and flexible forms training methods.

„Contemporary education methods, modern facilities and distinguished lecturers – all these make the VUZF University a unique place to acquire higher education and practice. It has the authority of a preferred university for future financiers, insurers and bankers” .
- VUZF Alumni